Extreme mocha muffins!! There’s almost a whole shot of espresso in each ☕👌

I had to wash my ENTIRE wardrobe today because I kept procrastinating. It really isn’t that much! This year I’ve donated/thrown out about 8 bags of clothes I didn’t need #minimalism #minimalist #clothes #wardrobe



Mariah’s backup singer is forced to pay up when he bets $20 that she can’t hit the whistle notes in Obsessed.

oh my god

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even shows with great representation like how to get away with murder and orange is the new black refuse to acknowledge bisexuality and it’s fucking infuriating, if a character is shown to have had a past relationship with someone of the same gender or another gender they always have to reinforce and prove their heterosexuality or homosexuality to their new partner as means of a fucking character arc and it makes no sense. 


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